About Us

This Book is True is a publishing house with a funny name for a reason we don’t recall. We are based in downtown Madrid (Spain).

We are small but passionate about books and we are always looking for stories outside the norm and the general taste of the market, which is always a good business strategy (ironic mode ON).

With our books we want to contribute to the very much needed visual education in photography, expanding our scope to artists that come from the periphery of the industry and that experiment with story-telling.

If you want to make a book with a few beautiful images and your name big on the cover, we might not be the publishing house you need.

We do not publish many books, but the ones we do are all true to the bone. Whatever the consequences. For now.

Behind the funny name of “This book is True” you will find two photographers: Cristina De Middel and Carlos Alba. You can google us if you want.

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